Cooling Sections

Cooling tray

The machine is used for automatic cooling of profile material made of rubber and silicone. It is set up directly downstream of a vulcanization plant.

The rubber profile is fed directly from the vulcanization plant into the cooling channel via an inlet roller and kept under water over the entire length of the cooling section so that the rubber profile is wetted with the cooling water.

When leaving the cooling trough, the rubber profile passes through an air drying nozzle.

    Water-air cooling section

    The machine is used for automatic cooling of flocked profile materials made of rubber or PVC. It is installed directly downstream of a flocking line.

    The rubber profile to be cooled is placed on non-driven transport rollers and guided through the cooling section.

    For cooling, the profile is additionally blown off with cold air and thus cooled down.

    Cascade washing station

    The machine is used to clean remaining salt residues on the rubber profiles.

    The cascade design simultaneously causes an enrichment with salt in the cooling water of the first zone, so that the outflowing water can be fed to a salt recovery plant for disposal.

    The cascade washing station consists of 3 zones, each with a length of approx. 2,000 mm and a width of 400 mm (useful width 350 mm).

    The rubber profile is passed through the washing area via non-driven rollers and simultaneously immersed in the water basin.