Environmental Machines

The environmental equipment is used for exhaust air purification of vulcanization vapors. This catalytic oxidation plant is designed for a volume flow of 1,000 to 3,000 m³/h and consists of a combustion chamber and a container to hold the catalyst.

The raw gas loaded with organic impurities is forced through the plant by means of a fan. First, the raw gas enters the combustion chamber, where it is heated to about 450 °C.

It then flows through the catalyst bed, where oxidation of the pollutants takes place. Downstream of the catalyst is a connection spigot through which the cleaned exhaust gas can be fed to the atmosphere or the hot air system via a pipe.

Our CT 1000 catalytic afterburner enables exhaust air purification at the lowest temperature level.

Selected catalysts ensure low reaction temperatures and thus low operating costs.