Strong profile extrusion solution

Extruder, developed according to the wishes and specifications of our customers.

At a production speed of the line of approx. 15m/min and at an inlet temperature of the extrudate of approx. 90°C, the surface heats up to over 200°C.
Our extruders are in use at many of our customers. Whether as a single unit, as a compound or in combination with a complete production line.

The focus of our extruder designs are space-saving solutions, so that several components can be extruded simultaneously. Our extruders are used for the production of:

  • rubber profiles, such as window and door seals, vehicle as well as
  • Construction profiles
  • Rubber tubes
  • Sheathing cables
  • Silicone rubber products
  • etc.

    Standard Extruder

    Our new standard extruders are available in various sizes. They are suitable for processing all extrudable rubber compounds and are particularly compact.